Judge Maria Lopez

Maria Lopez (conceived 1953) is a Cuban-American previous judge and a previous TV legal scholar on the syndicated court show, Judge Maria Lopez.

Judge Lopez made lawful history as the first Latina designated to the seat in Massachusetts[citation needed] when she was chosen as a District Court Judge by Governor Michael Dukakis. Judge Lopez kept on making her check in history as the first Latina to be selected to the Massachusetts Superior Court in 1993. Lopez served as a Superior Court judge and as an associate lawyer general in social liberties division of the workplace of the Massachusetts Attorney General.

She is hitched to Stephen Mindich, proprietor of the Boston Phoenix daily paper; they live in Newton, Massachusetts. She has two children, Michael Michaud (conceived in 1983) and David Michaud (conceived in 1985), who both went to the University of Michigan; they are her children from her first marriage to Richard Michaud.

Lopez holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government from Smith College and a Juris Doctor from Boston University.

Demoulas Versus Demoulas Case

Charles “Black” Horton was striven for and confessed to seizing, attack with purpose to assault a tyke under 16, foul threatening behavior on a youngster under 14, threatening behavior, and threatening behavior by method for a risky weapon. Horton, while dressed as a lady, utilized a trick to lead a 11-year old kid to a relinquished stockroom where he compelled to the kid to recreate sex acts in the wake of holding a screwdriver to the tyke’s neck.[4] During the sentencing period of the trial, Suffolk County District Attorney David Deakin who had requested that Lopez give Horton an eight- to ten-year correctional facility sentence, attempted to dissent her choice to sentence Horton to house capture and five years’ of probation. Judge Lopez, who was goaded by the vicinity of individuals from the media, continued to chide the prosecutor as she suspected he had alarmed the press.[5] During her upheaval, she incensed individuals from the exploited people family by alluding to the case as a “low-level” offense. Judge Lopez’s choice additionally incensed occupants of the Mary Ellen McCormack lodging advancement in South Boston where Horton would serve his home arrest.[6] Horton was later removed from the lodging improvement in view of the conviction.

The sentencing brought about lawmakers in the state including then Governor Paul Cellucci to recommend that obligatory least sentencing ought to be instituted by statute to uproot legal caution in cases, for example, Horton’s.[7]

After three years the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct found that Lopez had misused her office and lied under promise and that she should apologize and serve a six-month suspension.[8]

Resigned Judge E. George Daher who headed the commission’s examination, recommended Judge Lopez ought not be rebuffed for her in-court conduct, yet for her “weak endeavor at coverup”.[9] This was the same Judge Daher who had managed the ousting hearings for Horton when he served as Boston Housing Court Chief in 2000. Instead of apologizing and tolerating a suspension, Judge Lopez surrendered on May 19, 2003.[10]

I truly apologize for my loss of temper in court. Tolerating the suggestion of the listening to officer that I be suspended for six months and openly underwrite his discoveries would doubtlessly be the simplest and most speedy approach to keep up my legal position. In any case, I can’t disrespect my 14 years on the seat, my standards, or the Massachusetts Judiciary by admitting to that which I didn’t do, Lopez wrote.[10]

Battling would oblige that we proceed on a street that would subject her family and herself to this steady sort of swamp that has been going on. She has just concluded that it is not justified, despite all the trouble. Her adequacy on the seat would be traded off after these procedures. She has turned into a lightning pole for both the media and general conclusion. It was her choice to venture down, Lopez’s own lawyer, Richard Egbert, stated.[10]